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Burbank Housing Corporation

Burbank Housing Corporation
CROWDRISE : Jul 25, 2016
Tax ID: 95-2627136
BASED: Burbank, CA, United States


BHC's Mission

Providing Affordable Housing Since 1997

The mission of the Burbank Housing Corporation is:

1) To develop, upgrade, and preserve affordable housing opportunities for lower and moderate-income households in Burbank.


2) To provide services which will enrich the quality of life of the residents in our communities, and especially that of our children and youth.

BHC has focused on providing safe, decent and attractive housing for families, although many seniors and persons with disabilities and special needs also form part of our communities. The emphasis on families, and primarily those with children, colors our efforts to provide larger units, to create Activity Centers or Family resource Centers where children can participate in after-school and mentoring programs and where families can access other vital services.

BHC believes that housing efforts need to be geographically focused so that the impact of our activities is maximized within a given neighborhood or area. We believe in creating mixed-income residences which are socially healthy and which more accurately reflect the reality of our community. We are committed to partnering with the City of Burbank and with all the segments of the Burbank community to ensure that our projects are a source of pride and that the public investment is always a good one. 



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