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Single father only car burnt to ground

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Hello first off let me say I'm very sorry for asking for a donation and its taking a lot to do this and also wanna first thank you for even viewing my post! I am writing in some hope that that my children and I can get some help or relief from this tragedy that happened in front of our home . On Monday night Sept the 2nd in city heights San Diego at around midnight my car was vandalized some inconsiderate low life random person who knows who it is .. as the investigation continues .. poured gas on the top of my car and set my only car on fire right in front of my home investigators and detectives at this point are saying it was some sort of a gang initiation to show strength In The neighborhood cowards if u ask me ! there were 3 other cars in neighborhood that were burnt, my car was the only one with out full coverage insur out of vehicles burnt , My fault I know ! Me n my kids had to watch the car burn to the ground as the water hose was doing nothing but making it worse! ill never forget there faces that night it hurt so much, it hurt so much words can't describe that feeling , seeing tears in there eyes was painfull... ! I'm so upset walking my kids to school now trying to explain to them why and what were gonna do my boys are 4 n 8 n a daughter thats 7 , they are soooo smart its crazy I have soul custody of both as there mom decided to take off awhile ago ..we have struggled to the end and back from living here and there to finally have a place called home , driving a junky car untill we saved enough to get something a Little nicer. I'm a very frugal person and cheap at that .. This was the car I worked for all year and paid high daycare prices to get a good tax refund check. I do not get or even qualify for EBT OR SDGE ASSISTANCE because I have a job! I'm ok with it there's more people that need it. That's calif for you! Sowe finally purchased a car . I paid 7400 for the car only three months ago ! A 2010 nissan sentra 4 door barley got the plates three weeks ago . we were so happy to finnaly have a car that didnt break down or that is comfortable ! 3 months ago not even 3 months! I can't BELIVE it , it brings tears to my eyes to even post or ask for help , I just hope there's someone that can help me with ease with anything I'm starting a donation / fundraiser on my own to try and get a vehicle to get to work and my kids to school ..I really don't like or want car payments as I am a new homeowner and can't really afford these high interest car loans they give out these days . I'm so distraught this is no scam this is no lie and belive me i know there are far worse situations . I have pictures and also you can come to my home in San Diego to see the fire remains or even the car it self . I only had liability on the car because of the bills I have every month I could not afford full coverage! Please please if there's anyone who can help me out with anything that would be greatly appreciated ! I'm a hard working 28 yr old father of 3 I only been in San Diego for two years Very little family so I'm basically on my own n have been since Age of 16 I've always worked for everything. I've always paid all my bills and took car of my responsibilities , im a very hard worker who has always held a job! I'm no thief I'm no criminal ! I can give any info needed to prove ! This is not a joke scam nothing just a single father who just hit rock bottom ive never felt this empty inside i cant say it was karma because ive never done anybody wrong to this extreme or at all at that!!!!! I don't know what I'm gonna do ! Please any advice is very appreciated .. Me n my children are very involved with the rock church and continue to pray on it.. Please if there's anyone who can help please call me direct 619-892-1423thanks so much for taking time to read this.



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