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Bushman Doctor in Madagascar

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Dr. Lee Jae-hoon, is, who is called "Bushman Doctor" is in Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island. Since 2006, he has traveled to the remote areas of Madagascar, where there is no government support and carried out mobile medical treatment. In Madagascar, there are five staff members total including Lee Jae-Hoon serving as mobile medical services. Beginning of change, mobile medical treatment project "The people of Madagascar believe that illness is caused by a curse, and that a child with a disease from birth is isolated from society because they believe he has been cursed from birth." Dr Lee Jae-hoon, who is called Bushman Doctor because he has had a lot of surgery in remote villages, forests and fields, explained why he started mobile medical service as above. He started mobile medical services to prove that disease and poverty are not the curses of God. In Madagascar, there is less than one doctor for every one thousand people. Dr. Lee went there not only to comfort those who are suffering from a life-threatening illness from a small disease but also to tell them that poverty and disease are not the curses of God. Dr Lee Jae-hoon, branch manager and local staff, have moved 19,000 kilometers a year for medical treatment. They have performed about 20 surgeries and provided over 400 different treatments. In total, about 4,000 people are receiving medical treatment each year. One grandmother, who could not close her one eye because of an eye tumor, saw the world with her own eyes after the surgery. One girl, who had been laughed at for being born as harelip and cursed, became free from oppression with the surgery. However, they have a lot of difficulties because their two cars are too old and dangerous to drive. Currently, the two cars have limitations in the movement of the mobile medical personnel and the transportation of the essential medical equipment. When moving long distances, there is always the risk of unforeseen situations due to uneven road conditions. Would you please help us to purchase a car? Your sincere donation will enable us to perform our mobile medical services continually and successfully.



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