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Butch SAYS:
Thank you all for your suppo…
Thank you all for your support during this ride. It is so awesome that the Gerson Institute has such an amazing and giving community! Today, I received a message from Jonathan that he wanted me to share with you all.

From Jonathan:

I want to thank all the people that have helped fund raise for my cancer treatment.
Thank you all for your help, love, and support.

It is because of people like you all I can continue this fight against cancer and in the road to recovery.

God bless y'all and everything you do,
Jonathan A. Hernandez J.

If you would like to send Jonathan a message, please message me back and I will make sure to pass it on.

Thank you again for all your love and support!!
5 years ago
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Beth SAYS:
THANK YOU, Butch for all you…
THANK YOU, Butch for all you do!
5 years ago
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Butch Rhyne
Butch Rhyne
Roseville, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

My name is Butch Rhyne and I am writing to share with you a bit about me and why I am so very interested in working with the Gerson Institute to help provide healing for patients with chronic, life threatening diseases.

I am a plant based son, husband, friend and athlete who through my own experience and through experience helping others, believes whole heartedly in the power of nutrition for healing our bodies and minds.

My interest in and desire to work with the Gerson Instititue began approximately two and a half years ago when I  discovered the Gerson Institute while researching alternative ways to potentially cure my mom of pancreatic cancer. During my research I discovered “The Gerson Miracle” on Netflix where the opening scene states “The Cure for Cancer Has Been Discovered”. This statement intrigued me enough to start researching their methods. During my research I found countless testimonials on how the Gerson program had successfully reversed cancer, and even pancreatic cancer in many patients.

After my mom Nancy watched “The Gerson Miracle”, she informed me that she “may have to take a trip down to Tijuana Mexico for treatment”. After hearing that from my mom, I reached out to Gerson to see what my mom and dad would experience if accepted into the Gerson program.

The person I spoke with asked if my mom had had any chemo therapy treatment for her cancer. I stated “Yes, she had been through a couple of rounds”. The gentleman then told me that Gerson had had a zero percent success rate of curing pancreatic cancer where chemo therapy had been used, and that my mom would probably not be accepted into the program.

This news was devastating to me as I’d been researching and making contact with cancer treatment centers across the nation for many months with hopes of finding a place that could help cure my mom.

What I didn’t process consciously at the time as I was so deeply devastated by the news but did reflect upon shortly after was that the very genuine and professional representative at Gerson did NOT ask me what kind of insurance or financing my parents had. Every other center I had contacted had asked me that question first and foremost. What a turn off. Instead, I felt that the people at Gerson were truly interested in and committed to helping patients get well and stay well.

Shortly after that conversation with Gerson my mom made the decision to discontinue her chemo therapy treatments. The decision came after her doctor told her that they were not trying to cure her, but were just trying to prolong her life. My mom’s quality of life was pretty much zero. She was bed ridden, in constant pain and discomfort, could not eat, could not care for herself and did not have the energy or motivation to live. She didn’t even have the energy to keep her eyes open to watch TV.

My mom passed June 25, 2013, just fifteen days after my forty ninth birthday.

This prompted me to start thinking of ways I could be a part of helping The Gerson Institute raise money to help other critically ill people naturally heal themselves using the Gerson program.

It was also time to start living my life again and getting back to my purpose – living healthy and active life, sharing with, inspiriting, and helping others achieve the best health that they can through nutrition.

My release and exercise of choice is bike riding so I decided that combining my cycling with a higher purpose – to raise funds to help others sustain and lengthen their lives – would be a good place to start.

My mission began with the idea of completing a double century (riding my bike 200 miles in one day) on my single speed (one gear) road bike and creating a fundraiser around that ride. With further thought, I realized that one ride would probably not be enough so I decided to complete three rides. Well… My dad calls me extreme, but truthfully I’m just your normal guy who loves his family immensely and who also loves to help people. So I revised my plan again.

 I will turn 50 this year, so for my 50th year, to honor my mother and father and to help raise money for as many people as I can, why not do a double century a month for 12 months?!  With each ride, each month, I could raise money for one patient to go through the Gerson Institute! Could this work?

Yes, in my heart and soul I believe so passionately that it can and that I can help make a difference in a person’s life and that together, we can most possibly and substantially prolong the inevitable.

I believe and I am ready to help.


Butch Rhyne


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