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Butterflies of Hope - Dollars for Dares

Butterflies of Hope - Dollars for Dares Photo

The Story

Butterflies of Hope is doing a Dollar for Dares fundraiser.  So - once or twice a month, from now until the next relay for life event in June of 2017, we will post a potential Dare for a team member or volunteer. 

If we receive at least the minimum dollar amount for said dare, then the dare is completed and a video or photographic evidence will be posted to social media for your viewing pleasure. 

All contributions are non - refundable, so if we say that the minimum amount for someone to shave their head is 500.00 and we do not raise 500, then we keep the money and she keeps her hair.    Some dares will have a Double Dog Dare feature.  So if we dare a guy to walk around down town in a tutu with butterfly wings, and we specify there is two weeks to raise 100.00 for that dare, and if he raises the 100.00 before the two week deadline, we will come up with a double dog dare - so maybe if we raise 200.00 total in the 2 weeks instead of 100.00 in 2 weeks he has to not only parade around downtown in the tutu and butterfly wings, but he also has to do so while doing ballet, or wearing makeup, or maybe tights. 

Proceeds go to a great cause (Relay for Life - Team Butterflies of Hope).  So if you can't donate, but would like to participate as one of our Dare Volunteers, please feel free to contact one of the Butterflies. 

Thank you,
Butterfly Kerrie

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All donations are to the Relay for Life Team Butterflies of Hope - a Team in the Rochester NH Relay for Life.  All donations are to be used at the discretion of the Team "Butterflies of Hope" for the purpose of direct donations to the American Cancer Society OR to be used in other fundraising attempts in order to raise the most possible amount for this great cause.  Don't forget - if you are local to the Rochester NH area - please come by the next relay in June of 2017.  And keep an eye out for other "Butterflies of Hope" fundraising events.