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Butterfly Wings

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We are a group of young ambitious people from Slovenia, supported by many fresh and great ideas accumulated right from ourselves. We have a lot of hobbies and of them is common for all of us – realization of our precisely planned projects derived from our ideas.

Few months ago we got this idea! We everyone of us added some new ideas and what has come out of it, is Butterfly Wings. Name is a bit of a secret - and also the concept of our game is the secret. This game will include some sort of a formula - simple but highly effective. It will be revealed to you as soon as the game is created - when you will click the " BEGIN THE GAME" button. This project in the path to our succes. We want to contribute to the world, by creating something very simple but useful - "stupid to lucky" kind of thing.

Implementing projcet is the thing we love to do, but this kind of contribution to the world is more important this time. We want to show people new way of playing games. We also want to make basics or some sort of a role model (matrix) for other game producing companies.

The more fun you have the more you achieve? Have you ever heard about this? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to let go of all the stress that bothers you everyday. That's what our secret is about. :)But there is a certain procedure to make it work. It will be included in the game.

Ask yourselves what you give us and what we can we give you in exchange?

You will get a game including a lot of knowledge. Remember, it is not the goal, it's the path that is important. Help us improve your lives, our live and everbody else's lives.



What We Need & What You Get 100 000$ is the amount of money that we need to raise. If the funding money will be more than the required amount, we will surely not complain! :)

Our project is gold - if we were not sure about it, we wouldn't show it to the world. We need money to make this game. We need it for platforms, servers, official website, and also for experts that will design and create the game, for marketing etc... There is nothing you can lose. 

As our backers you will surely get a reward in exchange - as soon as the game is finished. What kind of award it will be, depends on the amount of money that you support our project with. T-Shirts with our logotype (with a required size - S,M,L,XL - sent on our e-mail), free DEMO of FULL versions of the finished gamefree online sessions about our game (we will explain you how to use the "secret" formula more efficiently), you can also be our VIP supporters with special amenities, or even more - YOU CAN CREATE with us (under special conditions, also depending on the amount of money, that you support us with), etc...

We are 1000% sure that our goal will be reached withind the funding time.

Don't be afraid - be BRAVE. Support us, HELP us, be creators with us. You have nothing to lose. But - If the funding money doesn't reach the goal, we will use it for the game either way. You have nothing to lose. Success is the only option for us. 

The Impact

You might be asking yourselves why should you support us. This game can change your lives! Do you want your children to be calm and happy after playing it, instead of being sad and angry because they were not succesful enough? Do you want to let go of all the stress that discourages you from achieving your goals in few minutes? If you are a bit older it is also not a problem - game is created for every single person in the world!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you identified yourself as our supporter, there is nor problem. Money is not the only way to help us. If you can't help us this way, help us with spreading the word about Butterfly Wings aour the world. Share it with you friends, families, share it on social websites etc...



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SPIRIT is working on selecting a charity so you can support Butterfly Wings.