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The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity as founded in 2004 as an arts and media education and research organization dedicated to "creating a better future through arts and media."  

Our top initiative is to serve as the partnering entity to The Millennium Project's Global Arts and Media Node as Kate McCallum, the founder of c3, serves as the Node Chair.  In this role we track trends, new technologies and emerging new genres in the arts, media and entertainment industries.  

Additionally, we promote the research and information found in The Millennium Project's annual STATE OF THE FUTURE report to the creative community in hopes of stimulating projects and stories based on their findings and future scenarios.  We have also hosted a think tank with the Hollywood creative community which was streamed globally.  

We produce an annual symposium called STATE OF THE ARTS which we will be producing in September.   It is our belief that arts and media has the potential to reach millions of people with solutions for some of our greatest challenges and we support artists and media makers dedicated to this cause.  

Our 2011 think tank generated an exciting new educational project called MYTHIC CHALLENGES which was successfully presented to Reseda High School in Los Angeles.  Highschool students generated 7 films featuring their interpretations of The Millennium Project's 15 Global Challenges www.millennium-project. org

For information and to view the films visit:

The c3 has presented seversal events over the last 7 years since it was first founded.  From concerts and screenings, to workshops, lectures and conferences, we work to support the creative community in creating socially beneficial content and projects.  Through the generous support of Vortex Immersion Media we are able to utilize a 50 foot fulldome based at LA Center Studios to create cutting edge immersive fulld dome projects and other media events.  

We have recently recieved our official 501c3 status and are now actively seeking donations, grants and sponsorships to execute our mission.  We would like to establish a fund to grant artists and mediamakers financial support to create positive projects.  

We thank you for your interest and support.  If you are in LA please come visit us!