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Cabal Fang Temple, Inc.

We're saving the world. One training session at a time. We believe that the best way to make the world a better place is to help its inhabitants live up to their full potential. And we think Cabal Fang martial arts can help with that. Tax ID 81-5406720


Cabal Fang is a unique and eclectic fusion of traditional martial arts, mixed martial arts, self-defense concepts, and the perennial wisdom  -- the universal truths shared by all the worlds great religions and philosophies --  truths that we access using myth, symbol and initiation.  

We've been building stronger bodies, minds and spirits since 2009.  Our 100% free martial arts programs do more than just increase physical fitness.  They promote individual integrity -- the union of thoughts, desires, actions and beliefs.


“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share deeper things with my son."  — Leo, club member since 2015

“The knowledge contained here has clearly been accumulated in intensive, extended, and deeply thoughtful study and practice of the martial arts...These exercises have, for me, become the foundation of an evolving spiritual practice..." — James, distance learning student since 2016


* Thousands of hours of free martial and spiritual training provided to the public since our founding in 2009

* Hundreds of lives changed for the better

* Untold numbers of friendships formed and pounds of weight lost

* Dozens of physical and spiritual tranformations achieved

"The meaning of life is not discovered.  It is constructed."  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry