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California Common Sense (CACS) is a team of Stanford and other university students working to make information about spending throughout our state government eaily accessible to everyone. We are a start-up non-partisan research think tank and outreach organization working to inform California's citizens about inefficient government spending and propose actionable solutions for how California can offer the same services for billions less.
The first step in fixing a broken system is to understand how it operates. CACS is the first organization in history to mine California's vast records and successfully construct an organizational mapping of the several thousand agencies, departments, councils, committees, branches, sections, divisions, and subdivisions—many of them redundant—within California's executive branch. This research base will enable CACS to create the clearest case for sweeping reform the state has ever put forth.
California Common Sense
  • Informs Californians about inefficiencies in our state government
  • Proposes solutions to reduce wasteful spending
  • Empowers citizens to take action to get our state back on track