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August 20, 2016

Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I've researched so much about the issue in Syria, and I've decided to start a fundraiser  See more


Denisa Adair


Dear Friend, Just like you, I've seen so much and read so many stories and opinions posted online why or why not should we help Syrian refugees. We hear stories of terrorist attacks all over Europe and we immediately shut down our hearts to Syria, blaming everyone who crossed from the war ravaged country. I too had my shares of doubts about the process of acceptance and understanding, and the obvious denial. It is so much easier to hide behind our pretended life of perfect living. We have our homes, food on table and our children safe and sound. There is nothing that can go wrong in our world. But we are so wrong to be in such mindset. The truth is, anything can go wrong any minute and we may rely on help and assistance just as much as do Syrian families. There truly is no difference between us and them. Other than we are the privileged ones. They do have children, as we do. They do have love for each other, as we do. And they do also care for others, as we do. Each time I ever was in doubt, I always thought of what others would do in my shoes. What would their families do, if my child needed help. My heart always gave me the answer. Love.It is with LOVE I come to you. To see beyond the fear and evil comparison. To feel and act upon that feeling, and to listen with your heart, not your ears. In today's violent world, compassion is more valuable than any other treasure you may posses. We are all able of compassion and with such we can change the world...even ourselves. From the bottom of a mother's heart, I thank you for your help. God Bless.



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