California Floods Photo
California Floods Photo
California Floods Photo

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The American Red Cross has launched a massive disaster response in northern California, where at least 188,000 people have been ordered to evacuate due to the potentially catastrophic failure of a spillway which is part of the Oroville Dam system.


As many as 4,800 residents were in American Red Cross and community shelters as of Tuesday morning, and the Red Cross is preparing to shelter and feed thousands more in the upcoming days. Even with no homes lost at this time, the current mass care operation is one of the largest the Red Cross has undertaken in the state in years.


The Red Cross has shelters open now, and more relief supplies and disaster workers are on the way to provide assistance for people in harm’s way. This is a potentially catastrophic situation – affecting thousands of people and homes – and our first priority is making sure people have a safe place to stay. We will be in the community to offer comfort, shelter, food and support for as long as needed.


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The American Red Cross