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Saving lives, one paw at a time Tax ID 45-5083361


California Pit bull Rescue (CPR) is organized for the purpose of rescuing at risk "pit bull" type dogs and facilitating social change to abolish the abuse, over breeding and mis-education surrounding the breed. CPR will achieve these goals through a statewide fostering network, fundraising programs, educational initiatives and financial/physical support for needy guardians of pit bull type dogs.

CPR will also be establishing a sanctuary for pit bull type dogs, which will ease local municipal shelter burdens and provide community support for responsible dog guardianship, as well as a forever home for those deemed "unadoptable."

Established in August 2012, CPR is a 501(C)3 non profit rescue organization with headquarters in Oakland, CA.  100% of our profits go toward our mission goals including awareness initiatives and providing food, supplies, housing, training and medical care for the dogs we take into our rescue program.  We strive to house our dogs in foster homes where they can decompress and learn how to be loved and secure family members. They remain under CPR's wing until they find the most appropriate permanent guardian with whom they can happily and peacefully live out their lives.