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For the last three years I have been shooting HIV Orphans in south India. I've lived in the same rural village with them and have really seen their struggle to survive. In south Indian culture a person with HIV whether they are a child or an adult is thought to be cursed by God, so people will avoid them at all costs. They face a lot of persecution from anyone who knows of their health condition. Even in the hospitals and schools they are refused treatment and education.

I have spent so many hours praying and thinking of how I could create something sustainable that helps the children in their lives.

Since they have Aids there are a lot of complications. They can't work 8 to 10 hours shifts like an average healthy Indian can. After about 3-4 hours of work their bodies shut down. In most jobs if their HIV status becomes known they will be run off. Their choices of jobs are very limited so they are pretty much looking at poverty.

What I want to do is start a photography business here that is completely run by the Aids orphans. I want to develop a small class/school to train them to use the cameras. I plan on teaching them how to use different cameras, lens, filters and studio lights. I intend to train them to be better then the average Indian photographer in the field. These children are up against a lot but I believe they could be trained in a way that gives them a serious edge so they can succeed in this society. Through the camera they will learn to become self sustaining.



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