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Camp Bangarang

Camp Bangarang provides a fun, empowering, and completely free camp experience for children with life threatening illnesses and their families, all across the Midwest. Tax ID 82-1164952


After years of facilitating and supporting programs like Bangarang all over the world, a group of friends saw a need for a program similar in the Midwest. What was once just a pipe dream, quickly gained support, and is becoming a reality. We officially started Camp Bangarang in 2017 and plan to hold our first camps in 2018.

In our short time operating, we have found an amazing amount of love and support. We believe everyone has something to offer, and the ability to make a positive impact! We also believe that something as simple as “camp” can be a powerful thing. At camp kids, can overcome challenges, they can connect with others who understand what they are going through, and they can forget about their diagnosis and focus on what kids should be focusing on… HAVING FUN!

Where did the name Bangarang Come from? We often get asked this question. You may remember the word "Bangarang" from the movie Hook, being yelled by the lost boys when something was awesome. You may know that before that it was a Jamaican slang term for causing mischief. We wanted our camps name to mean different things to different people. Maybe it is just awesome! Perhaps it's a place where kids with life threatening illnesses can (safely) cause a little mischief! It can also be a sanctuary for families, a place to meet friends, a break from the challenges of a serious medical diagnosis. Bangarang can feel like home and a vacation at the same time!

So there it is, we hope you get involved and find your Bangarang!!!!