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Canary: Smart home security device

Organized by: Mathew Brawn

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Canary is a single device that contains an HD video camera and multiple sensors that track everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity to help keep you, your family and your home safe.

Controlled entirely from your iPhone or Android device, Canary alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary — from sudden temperature changes that can indicate a fire, to the sound and movement that could mean an intrusion. Instantly receive, view and act on the alerts wherever you are. Over time, Canary learns your home’s rhythms to send you smarter alerts. Canary is the smartest way to stay secure.

"A new startup called Canary is about to launch what could revolutionize the home security business" – Technabob

"Canary is easy on the eyes and the smartphone interface looks equally appealing." – The Next Web

"Canary helps the internet of things take on home security" – GigaOM

"Similar to the Nest learning thermostat, Canary will feature algorithms that learn about and adapt to activities inside your home." – TechHive

"Canary's a renter-friendly, dead-simple system that can keep you safe — or at least just provide some peace of mind." – The Verge

"Home security is entering a version 2.0 status with more relevant and accurate monitoring which may prove vital soon for home owners, renters, those living alone, and the elderly alike." – Apartment Therapy

You define your experience with Canary. From controlling when Canary is armed to which sensors are in use, Canary is designed to give you a wide feature set that you turn on and off to fit your needs.

Being away from home doesn’t mean you can’t respond to emergencies. Canary alerts you immediately when it senses something is off.

Once you receive an alert, you decide how to respond. Do you want to text your neighbor to check in? Call the police? You have the ability to decide.

Canary’s secure mobile app enables you to check in on your home from virtually anywhere — whether you are down the street or around the world.

Within the Canary app you can easily monitor and track data from many sources within your home, including temperature, air quality, humidity, activity (video, audio & movement) and other trends in your home environment.

We believe that everyone — not just homeowners or the wealthy — should have the ability to secure the people, pets, and things they care about the most. We approached the product and user experience design of Canary with the following principles in mind:

Security shouldn’t be intimidating or hard. This is why we designed Canary to be quick to set up and use right out of the box. We also designed the ongoing experience to be intuitive and easy to manage. If you can use a smartphone, you can use Canary.

Traditional home security systems have a 99% false alarm rate and this statistic isn't improving (see 'Disrupting a broken system' below for more info). Besides being annoying, the downside of false alarms is that it causes most households to stop using their systems over time. We believe that there is a better way. By designing a smart system that learns your home’s activity and rhythm, over time you will have fewer false alarms. And fewer false alarms means more consistent use, which, ultimately, means more reliable security.

Security means different things to different people. So we didn’t design a rigid one-solution-fits-everyone product. Instead, we fitted our device with the core features you want and put the power in your hands to decide when and how you use Canary. Control and respond from your smartphone. That is what home security should be.

With Canary, the app and primary service are free, and accessable via as many phones as you’d like. That means you can download the free app, receive alerts, add your friends or family as your backup, and see live streaming of video, audio and other sensor data.

After the products ship, there will be additional (optional) service plans that include more data options (such as storing events over a longer period of time) and a call-center backup. These premium plans will have a surcharge but are optional and contract-free. Contributing to the campaign here in no way signs you up for a paid service plan. Updates to the app are free for users as well.

We set out to disrupt the home security industry by designing a solution that addresses the major consumer pain points of existing products.

The old way of security is measured in numbers of sensors spread across your home. That approach leads to high costs, tons of complication, and lots of false alarms. All of which is out of your control.

In 2000, the cost of responding to false burglar alarms was estimated at $1.8 billion. This is a problem that affects more than just the home owners.These are our tax dollars at work.

False burglar alarm activations nation-wide are estimated at 99%. To illustrate this point, in 2002 Seattle police responded to 24,505 alarms, ofwhich only 325 were valid caused by a valid incident.

People are so unhappy with their current systems, that 41% of residences with alarm systems are turned off during burglaries, and 2/3 of people with security systems don't regularly turn them on.

Rental-occupied homes are much more likely to get burglarized, according to the US Department of Justice.

60% of burglaries occur in the daytime when the residents are away.

Here's a breakdown of the perks you can choose from when you support this campaign (select your perk from the sidebar at the top of this page). All perks include at least one brand new Canary and the free Canary mobile app (for any number of users & phones).

In addition to our core team, we've assembled an incredible group of engineers, designers, and industry experts who are collaborating with us to create the best product possible. Our partners include one of the top engineering firms in the country, founded by former IDEO engineer Gerhard Pawelka; the top video semiconductor company in the world; and a manufacturer with experience developing hundreds of thousands of products... a month!

Canary is hiring! Junior-, mid-, and senior-level software engineers, engineering and marketing interns, talented people: come join our core team!

We currently have a working prototype and we're now focused on:

Finalizing the engineering schematics for the final product
Developing and iterating on the user experience for the mobile app
Developing the data visualization tools
We will soon begin the process of:

Designing packaging
Getting product certifications
Designing the supply chain process
Materials procurement

We have been working on Canary for the past year and we've come a long way. But now we need your help. Your support will allow us to initiate tooling and manufacturing so we can make Canary available to you and the millions of people who have never before had a home security option. Let's make our communities safer, our homes smarter, and our lives more connected — together.

So why should you support us?

Be the first to get one (and we mean it).

You’ve never had security before and think it’s awesome to have
a simple and beautiful way to connect to your home.

You love data and want a lot of it from your home environment.

Any more questions? Ask away!

We hope you join us.


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