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A couple days into 2016, my friend found out her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25. The two of us being the only ones of our friend group still living in our college town, she came straight to me. There were good days and bad days as there always are, but at the worst, he was living in the hospital and had had to drop out of all of his classes. Unfortunately that time was also when I was making my transition out of Oregon and back to Los Angeles. The month and a half before after his diagnosis though, and before I moved, I was my friend's little escape. We would go to breweries or just hang out and eat DQ, whatever she needed to just leave reality for a bit. Thankfully, Eric is in remission now, and is back on track. He graduated, and recently got a job in his field so he and Holly are moving down to California as well! Because Holly and Eric are doing so well, some times I forget the days I spent going to the hospital with Holly in Oregon... they seem like such a distant memory... until this fall when I started doing the same thing to visit my grandma. At the end of this summer, my grandma, who is a young grandma and has always been healthy, got diagnosed with leukemia. She was supposed to be getting a knee replacement when they figured out that her body was not ready to take on that kind of surgery and recovery. So the chemo began. It was going well until her blood cell count simply could not stabilize. She spent a long ten days in the hospital until she was finally released this past weekend when her platelets were able to stay high enough for a long enough amount of time. She is currently living at home (sans her dog and eating no raw foods) and doing the most intense chemo she can do for her age. Our family and support system is one of a kind. My grandma has a strong faith which keeps her afloat, and my mom, aunt, and uncle are truly some of the most dedicated children you will ever meet. Finally, on October 8th, I did a Tough Mudder for the first time with a team that I met through my current workplace 24 Hour Fitness. My cousin Megan literally texted me "YOU DID A TOUGH MUDDER?!" and from there our decision to go explore a new state, kick some ass, celebrate her birthday, have some cousin bonding, and raise money for cancer research... began.



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