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CROWDRISE : Dec 03, 2012
Tax ID: 27-4431171
BASED: Richmond, VA, United States


Jump. Shout. Speak Out.

CancerDancer celebrates the lives of those affected by ovarian cancer in an effort to educate, empower, and stimulate research leading to a cure.

CancerDancer reaches out to the world, using new technologies to educate every person that we can reach about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, the deadliest of the gynecological cancers. It is difficult to detect but quite curable if found early. CancerDancer seeks to make this information common knowledge.

We also provide support to members of the Ovarian Cancer community with programming and information to assist with making difficult choices and improving quality of life.

Early detection saves lives. With your help, we save lives together.

Tax ID: 27-4431171 •


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