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Cancer Treatment and Prevention of Chemotheraphy

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Honey Abeille


Cancer Treatment is a 100 billion dollar a year industry, and the companies in this industry who are making these so called treatment for cancers cant say that any of the therapies reduce the size of cancer cells. on average it costs these companies about $ 200 dollars to produce a shot of immune therapy, the average cost of these drugs are over $ 150,000 dollars that the drug company charges directly to the patients insurance company. That over a 50,000 % profit for the Drug company. This is only reason these company's are in business, the margins are substantial. Fighting disease overall has become a very corrupt industry, these simple cry's of the 1970's hippies on government lies and abusive control on its own citizens was not only true and portrayed taken by the media as outsiders who wanted less government control. Now with the power of social media and the advance of technology and intellect we can change the way our medical industry treats and heals people with internal sickness and illness, through natural supplements already found in the body that is literally nutrition for the body. we have proven results in every person that starts taking these incredible life changing vitamins found at any local store. We want to be advocates for this change and have primary care centers to provide this valuable knowledge with the public. We want to stop the pain of million of people in hospitals with health issue being pumped up with antibodies and only getting worse, when we know if can all be prevented by taking these keys vitamins. With a knowledge on nutrition (which is more than the doctors we trust that go to school for 8 years to learn about all the pharmaceutical drugs, and not one class in nutrition is needed for a PHD degree) we can help millions of people who are sick get the right treatment with no side effects and an healthier population of people for years to come. This is the future and we are the pioneers. Donate anything you can and help us bring this knowledge to the public on a mass scale.



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Honey is working on selecting a charity so you can support Cancer Treatment and Prevention of Chemotheraphy .