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Cancer Wellness House, Inc.

Cancer Wellness House, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Jan 17, 2011
Tax ID: 87-0568405
BASED: Salt Lake City, UT, United States


Cancer Wellness House, Inc.

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Cancer Wellness House will support people living with cancer in a home-like setting.

Cancer Wellness House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1997 by cancer survivors and local health care providers in response to the high trends of persons diagnosed and burdened with cancer. It was founded on the principles of holistic, complementary and alternative healing modalities. Now, in its 17th year, Cancer Wellness House provides a myriad of holistic and integrative socio-emotional survivorship and quality of life –focused programs for people with cancer and their families, free of charge.  These activities are designed to help members become proactive in their quest for wellness, while providing easy access to those programs and services that can help them most in their pursuit. Various programs and services fall under each of the three touchstone areas of programming:

Emotional & Spiritual Support- Providing an opportunity for participation in a forum that facilitates verbal expression, insight and interpersonal exploration with an emphasis on the cancer experience. Activities include: individual, couples, and family counseling, open support groups for survivors and caregivers, bereavement support groups, life coaching, and spiritual counseling.

Mind & Body Wellness-  Enhancing one's ability for self-care by learning and incorporating new techniques into activities of daily living that have been documented to improve aspects of living with cancer. Activities include: acupuncture, massage, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and other eastern and western based therapies that help facilitate the connection between the mind and body.

Social & Community Connections- provide opportunities for individuals and families to engage socially with others who share the common experiences of living with cancer. These activities help creates a sense of community, increase the sharing of valuable information and decrease feelings of isolation so commonly experienced by people with cancer. Activities include: ClubWell!, a recreation-based support program  for children and teens ages 7-18, quarterly family strengthening socials and a writing community called, The Epiphany Project.

Nearly every family in the Salt Lake Valley is affected by cancer in one way or another. While there are local healthcare providers ensuring quality cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, there continues to be an unmet need in the continuum of care for holistic and integrative socio-emotional survivorship and quality of life programming for the patient and their family. Cancer Wellness House actively pursues filling this need in our community.


Cancer Wellness House is 100% committed to ensuring that NO ONE faces cancer alone.


Tax ID: 87-0568405 •


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19th Annual Survivors at the…

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