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Cancer Wellness Connections delivers free services to more than 15,000 people each year at five different Rochester infusion centers. A team of dedicated, passionate volunteers provides these activities and “bright moments” to help patients have a more positive experience and find wellness even while battling cancer. Tax ID 20-5543461


Connecting with people.  Encouraging positive attitudes.  Delivering diversionary activities.  All are at the heart of an organization known as Cancer Wellness Connections

When battling cancer through chemotherapy, many people experience unpleasant side effects and face a treatment program that is emotionally, mentally and physically taxing.  The founders of Cancer Wellness Connections – Dr. Cynthia Angel, Dr. Brent DuBeshter and Eileen Grossman, recognized the importance of providing diversionary activities to help people undergoing these treatments.

Services and snacks are provided for free to patients on weekdays.  Activities vary daily and are offered to patients, as well as accompanying caregivers or family members.  Activities include: exercises led by a personal trainer, Reiki Therapy, hearty snacks & gourmet soups, manicures, crafts, electronic games on iPads, journaling & creative writing, meditation, nutrition tips, scarf demonstrations, yoga, books, Soduko, crossword & Wordfind puzzle books.  Activities for kids and families, through Better Day Buddies include:  bags filled with crafts & small activities, DVD’s, hand held game systems and iPads,  hearty snacks, coffee for parent, mini massages for parents.

As of 2013, Cancer Wellness Connection is proud to provide these activities at the following Rochester area cancer treatment centers: Highland Hospital, Unity/St. Mary’s Hospital, Pluta Cancer Center, Rochester Health System – Lipson Cancer Center, Linden Oaks, Golisano Children’s Hospital (as Better Day Buddies.