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Canine Lifeline's Have a Heart Campaign

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Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes so ALL dogs are at risk—short-haired dogs, long-haired dogs, black dogs, white dogs, giant dogs, tiny dogs, young dogs, old dogs, indoor dogs, YOUR DOG. One bite from a mosquito carrying heartworm larvae and six months later your dog will have adult worms living in the heart and circulatory system. Left untreated, the disease is fatal. Treatment to kill the adult worms is possible but it’s very expensive (often more than $1,000) and involves painful injections of an arsenic-like drug deep into the back muscles which is very tough on a dog. Some dogs will not survive the treatment. Fortunately, the disease is highly preventable by giving your dog monthly heartworm preventative medication in the form of a pill or drops on the back of the neck. Depending upon the medication, this can cost as little as $5 per month. Yet Canine Lifeline sees countless heartworm positive dogs in shelters every day. These dogs are usually first on the euthanasia list as very few shelters have the resources or space to provide treatment for them. Canine Lifeline has saved the lives of 40 heartworm positive dogs in 2016, and the trend continues this year. It costs them at least $650 to save a dog with adult heartworms and they rely completely on the generosity of their supporters to be able to save these dogs. Many more dogs are waiting in shelters and need their help. Please join me in their “Have a Heart” campaign to help bring attention to this preventable disease and save the lives of more shelter dogs who are heartworm positive. My goal is to raise at least $650 which would save and treat 1 heartworm positive dog. No dog should have to suffer through heartworm disease. If your dog is not currently on heartworm preventative, please call your veterinarian and discuss the importance of prevention. Please visit the website of the American Heartworm Society to read more about the disease. Also, please share this information with others to spread the word about this ugly but preventable disease. Thank you in advance for your support! -Stephanie



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