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Does the Cannulaide reduce nursing effort

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The Cannulaide helps infant nasal CPAP by creating a pressure seal while suspending the CPAP prongs in the baby's nares. This helps reduce skin irritation while decreasing leaks from a variety of causes.
Does the Cannulaide really do the things we think it does? In this project we simply want to count the number of times during a day that nurses or respiratory therapists attend a patient to correct leaks. By counting leaks that occur with babies using the Cannulaide and babies not using the Cannulaide we can tell whether the Cannulaide is helping.

We need:
* volunteer nurses and therapists who can help refine the definition of this project so it will be respectable
* volunteer nurses and therapists who can collect the data
* a volunteer statistician to confuse any skeptics
* a volunteer who can write up the study and results so that it looks like real researchers did the work

When we're done we'll credit all the volunteers, make the study available to everybody who cares, plus we'll send copies to the parents, siblings, and ex-lovers of all our volunteers. A few of these people will be proud of us and it will be great revenge on those who won't!



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