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Organized by: Beverly Quinn

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July 20, 2016

I am in the process of appealing. I emailed management and left a voicee mail asking for what I need to doo. Hopefully this stops me having to See More


I live in Lavender Lane Co-Op in ORANGEVILLE Ontario ever since it was built in 1995. It's been a strugle. Raising 3 kids on my own. Having up to 4 jobs at a time. Sometimes in school. Struggling for day care. Struggling for money to pay the bills. 22 years later I'm still struggling but managing. I find my way. I always do. They have threatened to kick me out before. Kids made a mess of the place when they were little...what kids don't. Finger prints on the walls, screws tightened to much so the plastic cracked on light switch covers when my young son was trying to be a carpenter. Smell in the house...incense. Seriously stupid reasons. Yes I have had to ask to have a few months here and there of rent paid late due to whatever reason...a lot of people have. It was no big deal, they agreed and I paid a late fee. Management of the co-op changed over many times and with each one a new eviction or threat of some sort or another. Eviction or loseing my subsidy. One reason being they don't have my paper work...which I literally handed in three times. So that's what I'm dealing with. NOW...about 3 weeks ago I went to work with really bad breaks on my car. I knew they would go soon but hoped I could have just a few more days to go to work so I could pay for it. No. They died. Thankfully just outside my complex so I was able to put it home safely. I saw the management walking as soon as I got into my driveway and informed them that I needed to push my rent up a month as my breaks died and I need to fix them in order to go to work. That's my main money maker out of two part time jobs I have. At this time I had no idea how much it would cost to fix. They said fine...write a letter telling us what happened and when you would be able to pay it. Awesome. NOT. I get a letter a few days later saying I'm late on my is the late broke a previous payment arrangement to pay back rent...which by they way with all the management one informed me till now. (Now being a few months back).(Management seemed to find papers stating I missed some months rent.. paid little here and there... etc. But management had not informed me at that time that this was the case. I didn't believe it as management is ALWAYS at your door with a letter if you miss one dollar). So wonderful. Went to the Board meeting to state my case who basically said you should have paid your rent, (with money i didn't have). I paid hydro who was threatening to cut me off...Bell Canada who was threatning to cut me off.. and some money towards my credit card so I didn't lose that and my payment for my breaks. Thankfully that was only $300 but stilI money I barely had. I needed food, they said go to a food bank. I needed electricity, hot water, lights...they said apply for hydro subsidy...that's only $30 and does nothing toward a bill of almost $200 a month. Rolled their eyes at me when I said I paid Bell Canada before they cut me off. You need a phone. Lots of my bills I'm late for...but they get paid. So does my rent. The letter came just now saying the money was due on the day of the meeting...nothing in writing to me said that. I am being evicted. The said I can appeal to the members wich I will. OR Pay the rental arrears which is $1391.38 PLUS whatever August's rent will be which I don't know as of yet by August 1 or I get kicked out. I need to pay this arrears any way as I don't have the paper work going many years back proving I paid it. So I'm asking for help. I know a lot of people perhaps may be in my same position. And I'm sorry for that. I just have 2 part time jobs. I don't make enough to cover first and last and cost of a move. I don't make enough to pay $1200 plus utilities plus my car and house insurance, life insurance and food. I have cats I'm not giving up and some birds all of which I will need to get rid ofoving into a place I can't as I can't afford it. I can JUST afford to live here. I plan on being here for many more years till one of my kids get a house and they said I can move in with them. I help them they help me. I am 54, thouthouyounmay want to know that. Diabetes and depression which is hard for me butI manage with what I do. My 2 part time jobs are pretty much full time...not all the time. Second part time is contract so when I'm not working there I'm struggling a then goes down making it easier. But because of my breaks failing I lost 3 weeks of my main part time job. Making me 3 weeks behind financially. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I am asking for this back rent only. I will somehow manage August's rent. However it is July 20 and I financially cannot do this. I need your help. Please. I can't afford to live any where else. Thank you.


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