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Stephanie Benjamin

Stephanie Benjamin
Studio City, United States
Stuff About Me:

Can Your Debt was created one day when I was cleaning my kitchen. I found a couple of plastic water bottles in my fridge and was reminded of a couple who raised enough funds to pay for their wedding, by recycling cans. The couple shared with their neighbors tehir story and the nieghbors and local private recycle center helped the couple meet their goal. The couple rasied 400,000 cans and paid for their wedding and honey moon from those funds. 

I immediately thought if they could do it, so could I. I staretd saving and recycling my cans and bottles for cash and then started to share the idea with my neighbors. My patio was over flowing with bagged recycables and I often welcomed home after a week long trip away to bags of recycables left on my porch. Friends text me two three times a week to let me know they have recycables for me. It was so exciting to see how well this worked for me. 

I was then presented with the opportunity to create a community project through my leadership development training at Landmark Worldwide. I thought what better way to continue to restablish our economy. To make a long story short "Can Your Debt" was birthed and so now here we are creating a non-profit for us all to collectively put small sums of funds in, until we raise $1.9 Trillion dollars. We'd love to deliver those checks to Sallie Mae, Navient and the other private loan companies on your behalf. You mean that much to us even though we don't know you. 

The Current Plan: Phase 1

  1. Create a non-profit
  2. Raise funds for overhead creative team, website, social etc. 


I know so many well rounded professionals that to this day still haven't found a job. Their resumes are amazing, however they are still having a hard time finding a job to keep food on the table and gas in their cars. I have heard many people say let people pay their own loans off. What they don't realize is that they are effected by this economic crisis as well. We are all effected. What would it mean if this debt was paid off?

  • Increase Job Market
  • Decrease Violence
  • 40 hour work weeks and Position Match 
  • Parents raising their youth rather then the TV, music and streets 
  • Healthier Economy
  • Happier people means, healthier people
  • The later of our program with help with financial planning, wellness coaching and leadership development.  



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