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Cape Atlantic 200 Club

We remember, support, and honor the brave men and women who provide essential emergency services to our communities; our firefighters, police officers and emergency medical services personnel.


In November of 1950, Officer Andreas Mellert was engaged in the routine pickup of a young man who had failed to appear on a traffic violation charge. The young man had not resisted, but his father was enraged, and as Officer Mellert and his charge left through the front door, the father opened a window and shot the patrolman in the back, killing him. Officer Mellert left behind a young wife Esther, and a daughter he would never meet, Kathleen, born on December 31. Detroit businessman, Bill Packer sat down and wrote to 100 of his friends and members of the community, asking them to contribute $200 each to a fund being established for the benefit of Officer Mellerta’s family.

Our own Atlantic and Cape May Counties Chapter was established in 1986 by Peggy Mallen-Walczak after her husband, State Police Detective Albert J. Mallen Sr., was killed while executing a search during a drug raid in Westville on Aug. 28, 1985. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial support for the families of police, fire and rescue personnel who have risked and lost their lives in the protection of our communities. After a tragedy of this magnitude, the spouse and family is left with immediate concerns about their financial obligations. Often, benefits do not become activated for months and it is the immediate assistance that we provide that helps alleviate these financial pressures. It is the goal of The 200 Club, to be able to present a check to the family within 24 hours of a tragedy.

We provide annual scholarships, totalling $20,000+, to children of first responders. 

Last, but certainly not least, we honor active duty first responsers with valor awards for acts of heroism.