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CROWDRISE : Dec 18, 2014
Tax ID: 58-2121884
BASED: Wilmington, NC, United States


Cape Fear River Watch

Cape Fear River Watch is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1993 in Wilmington, North Carolina, by a group of people who wanted to share the beauty of the Cape Fear River with the public, and advocate for its conservation and protection. We have several education programs that we share with the public, which are very important to myself as well as CFRW because they reach many different children around the Cape Fear area. It teaches them the importance of conservation of the river and its resources.

Our goal is to raise $7,500.

This money will go towards three of our Environmental Education programs:

  1. Raindrop Journey: This program was created to educate 4th grade students about watersheds and how best management practices (BMPs) keep them clean and about  how to clean up pollution. There are three parts to our Raindrop Journey program: pre-field trip classroom activities, field trip to Greenfield Lake, and post-field trip classroom activities. When the students get to the lake, we divide them into three groups. One group goes on a paddleboat ride in Greenfield Lake and records basic water quality observations.The second group is led by a CFRW biologist on a walking Eco-Tour where they learn about the history and ecology of the lake. The third group plays the Raindrop Journey Game, created by CFRW in which, a group of students are given the role of a raindrop, a pollutant, or a best management practice such as a rain garden.

    We need funding for the participating schools’ travel costs to the field trip site at Greenfield Lake. This includes gas and bus drivers. $2000
    Materials, supplies and equipment.  $750
    Recently, the funding for field trips has been redacted due to politics in New Hanover County, you would be helping these children with their education and allowing them to get out in the environment and out of the classroom for a day.

  2. Summer Camp: Cape Fear River Watch offers high quality environmental education camps for youth ages 9-13 regardless of their family’s income level and we need funds to provide scholarships to lower income children in underserved communities in the Lower Cape fear River Basin. We work to assure environmental justice is a key component in our summer camp program.

    For a week of summer camp, each child is $190 for the whole week. Your funding will go towards sending a child whose family didn’t have the means to send their child to summer camp. 

    We need scholarship funding for 10 children, which is $1900

    Supplies, Materials and equipment. $500

  3. Lock and Dam #1 Education Center: Cape Fear River Watch also has an Education Center at Lock and Dam #1 in Riegelwood, North Carolina. Lock and Dam #1 is one of three Lock and Dams in the Cape Fear River Basin. It was built in 1915 by the Army Corps of Engineers in order to provide drinking water to the City of Wilmington as well as allow ships to travel safely up and down the Cape Fear River. The dam impedes the migration of certain anadromous fish that live in the Cape Fear River. These fish include: the Atlantic Sturgeon (endangered), the Shortnose Sturgeon (endangered), the American Shad, and the Striped Bass. Since the Lock and Dams impede the migration of these fish, they cannot migrate from the ocean up to Lock and Dam #3 where they spawn and reproduce. In order to help with their migration upstream of Lock and Dam #1, CFRW advocated a Rock Arch Rapids fish passage which was built in 2013.

At Lock and Dam #1 in Riegelwood, NC, CFRW recently completed the construction of a rain garden. A rain garden is a planted depression where storm water runoff from impervious areas, like parking lots can be absorbed and cleansed. 

Cape Fear River Watch plans to build an elevated boardwalk through a wetland adjacent to the rock arch rapids, which will be a key component to an interpretive nature trail. The plan has only been partially funded, and we need your help to make this vision become a reality.

Materials for the boardwalk.  $2,350

Thank you for any contribution towards our cause of educating children in our area about the wonderful Cape Fear River!

Tax ID: 58-2121884 •


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