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Mary Strauss' Fundraiser:

Capital Breast Care Center: Georgetown University Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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Mary's Photo

BENEFITING: Georgetown University


EVENT: 2015 Across the Bay 10k

EVENT DATE: Nov 08, 2015

Mary Strauss


Angela Gildner wrote -

Why am I raising money for

The Capital Breast Care Center
of Georgetown University's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In August early I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And all I have to say is "I am super lucky." I want all women in DC to have that same "luck."  You can help me make sure they do.

My path to diagnosis and treatment was not a short one:

  • May. I had a routine mammogram.
  • June. I got a call to come for a follow up mammogram. That resulted in being told I needed a biopsy. They predicted it would be "nothing or Stage 0."
  • July. Biopsy. Results: Benign but atypia. i.e. Not malignant, but something that should be removed.
  • Begining of August: Saw a surgeon. She found another lump in my other breast. I was asked to have that looked at via ultrasound "now", and then biopsied "today".
  • Results of second biopsy. Malignant.

    I have Breast Cancer. Why do I think I'm so lucky?

  • Because:

    1. My cancer was caught early. Although I can think of better ways to spend a couple of months than recovering from surgery and having 4 weeks of radiation, my treatment is fairly easy, with (so far, knock wood) no extreme side effects. But I'll be fine. 
    2. I could have 2 mammograms, 2 biopsies, 2 ultrasounds and an MRI before I even got to treatment. I didn't have to worry about paying for the tests. I have insurance, and enough money to cover what the insurance doesn't.
    3. Many women are not that luck. They are un- or under-insursed and aren't able to afford routine screenings or recommended follows ups for things that don't seem serious at the time. Or worse, they don't even know they should get screened, what screening to have, or where to get it from a provider who speaks their primary language.

    That's where Capital Breast Care Center comes in.
    Capital Breast Care Center (CBCC) provides culturally sensitive breast cancer screening services and health and wellness education guided by evidence-based practices to all women in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, regardless of their ability to pay.

  • They offer:

    • Onsite mammograms
    • Health education
    • Clinical breast examinations
    • Cervical cancer screening for qualifying women
    • Patient navigation services for women with abnormal screens or breast cancer symptoms
    • Referral for emotional support, cancer treatment, primary care and untreated health conditions
    • Culturally-sensitive, professional, compassionate staff Bilingual staff
    • Transportation services to and from appointments

    I've set an aggressive goal. To raise $3500

    This amount could provide clinical breast exams, mammograms and patient navigation for 10 patients plus a biopsy to evaluate suspicious findings for one patient.

    It is said that 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer at some point in her life.

    DC has the second highest rate of invasive breast cancer in the country. 143 cases for every 100,000 (Only CT is higher).

    DC has the highest morality rate 29 per 100,000.

    I'd like to see that change. And you can help.

    I'm going to take on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on November 8. My first 10K. I'll be runing it post lumpectomy. With 13 radiations done and 6 to go.

    But much bigger than my personal challenge with the bridge and cancer is taking on cancer in our community.

    Let's make sure every woman in the DC area has a fighting chance.

    Thank you for all the support you have already given me as I beat cancer. And thank you in advance for your financial support to this challenge as well.



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