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Car accident

Organized by: Cabrisha Lyons

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My name is cabrisha I'm a young woman in my twenties and my husband's name is Daniel we are expecting a baby boy I just only hope that everything falls into place right before my son gets here A GoFundMe page has become my last hope on June 5th someone had rear-ended my car he said he looked down to light a cigarette and hit the back of our car the unfortunate thing is that I am now 5 months pregnant baby is ok due to a emergency visit at the hospital after the car accident this is my husband and I first child this is the third year that someone has done this to us every year since we've got the car someone has rear-ended us last time is because someone's foot slipped off their break this time was because he clearly wasn't paying attention Unfortunately they do not have insurance I cannot make a claim to my insurance or they will let us go we only have to pay $176 every 3 months for people our age like I myself in my twenties insurance is so high me and my husband already struggle at a minimum wage life trying to get ahead and now we have a child involved things are way more serious there has been too many claims on a car so this last one they will let us go the unfortunate thing is none of our accidents were our fault I'm a strong woman of faith God has told me that our car will get fixed and he knows the day to just trust him in faith and in the process it will build my faith ive sat and talked to the mans mother who hit us his mother he's being hospitalized due to depression and being suicidal she said this is a problem they've had all their life and now after the incident he has caused he feels even worse I haven't seen them since the day he wrecked my car but I talked to his mother quite often when I go over and visit her home we sit on the porch and praying we both hope and faith that God will work a miracle she is a struggling woman like my grandma who lives off of one disability check a month and she just missed her insurance payments I'm staying in patients and being as civil as possible I also have avoided suing her I feel it's wrong as a child of God knowing her situation and knowing she has no I've suggested to her to get a loan and unfortunately she wasn't able to approve we all make mistakes and deserve forgiveness she's going to try her best and sell what little things she has to put towards the 5500 cost on damages to our vehicle she tells me there is no way possible that she's going to be able to fix my car and at the worst time this could happen my child will be coming in November I have paid 3 years on this car and only have one more year to go I know God is working something out because everyone I come into contact with is a believer in the God almighty the man that works at the car shop who gave us our Testament told me to stop crying for the sake of the baby and to just pray to God if we can even just come up with a close amount to the total he will work with us and I just only hope and hold on to faith the things will work out in the end if you can find it in your heart to help donate to our situation may God bless you even if it's only $1 truly will help I am now working though I'm pregnant I work 12-hour shifts the job itself is a miracle from God because I almost gave up hope and was going to work at a Wendy's I called the company and told them unfortunately I couldn't work for them because I had no diploma even the story itself goes deep because I had a single mother raising for children while she was working I had to stay at home and be the mother and place to the point that I didn't get to graduate high school the woman called me back and told me just to get proof showing I will be starting school in August so yet another time God has moved an obstacle out of my way he is always faithful and just I'm sure I'll be worn out by the time my son comes but at least everything in faith will be in place and I'm trying to save money on the side of saving to get into our own apartment and all the things my child will need I'm awesome trying to put money away to help go towards this fund I know it's not my fault and others on the Outlook believe that I shouldn't be paying for this at all and that it's all on this woman but she's just a poor little old woman who's taking up the responsibility for her son at the end of the day all I know is they are not capable to fix my vehicle so it's just up to me and my husband but we just leave it in the hands of God our Father is a big God and in faith we can do all things through Christ again if you can find it in your heart to help our situation may God bless you


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Cabrisha Lyons

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