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Car accident

Organized by: Antuan Brown

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I was struck and hit by a car which broke my neck in my back I'm trying to come up with the money for medical bills doctor bills and medication to come up with some money to pay my surgeon off who done surgery on my neck and had to put a plate in two screws in the back of my neck the accident was so bad that the doctor had to perform surgery on my neck by cutting my neck open in the back and putting a metal plate and two screws just to hold my neck together I end up breaking my neck and my lower back an it was not my fault the other car was to blame in they took off leaving me in the car for dead they had no insurance after the accident 2 weeks later I'm waking up out my coma to learn that half my body was not working the same anymore I could not belive it it seemed like a big dream i wake up out coma to see about four doctors in my face an a room fulk of my family an the first thing the doctor said was that we were going to havt to perform surgery on my neck my left side of my body i could not fill a n my right side I could only move my right pinky nothing else seemed to worked as it should the doctor said I was partly paralyzed which I couldn't move anything on my body the doctor said my left side of my body is only 10% I cant barely walk still but by going to therapy downtown at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago has really ben helping me out the doctor sad if i keep working on it in therapy that it should get a little stronger the right side of my body is like at 60% he said it's very much stronger than my left so its ben alot going on so that why im trying to raise money to help me out so that i can keep going to therapy, to get stronger by learnig how to walk again pay off my doctor bills into pay for my medication for pain my surgery on my neck is very expensive i thank that doctor so much for the great job he done to save my neck in my life cause i dont think i would had made it if it wasn't for that great surgent dotctor who helped saved my life i cant thank him anof for what he done for me everday i wake up im in pain from my neck into the pain in my back medication is very important For me it is very expensive as well very expensive which I really need but can't afford it right now I end up losing everything after the car accident the car accident was so bad that the ambulance thought that I was dead in my car that they left me in the car for 30 minutes and pronounced me dead on the seen in the car but by the grace of God I was just knocked out on consciousness I came to wake up 2 weeks later out of my Coma i stayed Christ Hospital I was in there for 3 months going through the therapy classes learning how to walk and talk again with a tube down my throat i attended therapy up at the hospital it really help me out alot but buy me losing my home my car an my job everything just came at me at one time with the medication bills the surgery bills in my doctor bills + therapy bills I did not no wat to pray for first in on top of all that i lose the love of my life my girl friend it's so hard not to break down in cry holding my filling inside God is real i had to be super hard so i wouldn't go crazy almost cause i almost lost my mind but thank Lord i didn't cause he stayed on my side in kept me strong all the way threw all i had was faith on my side faith in the lord he never left me even to this day im in tears now because just by thinking how great he is to me yeah its been a long haul it like it all happen so fast when that car hit me head on doing 80 miles per hour i really supposed to been dead but by the grace of God he gave me a second chance at life cause the doctor said I wasn't going to make it an that I was supposed to be dead he sad he never saw someone survive an accident like that and not be paralyzed but no lie look at me now learning how to walk again an even doe I lost everthing I did not lose my life or my mind I told him God was on my side the hol time an he never left my side an that he got me through everthing and I told him God is good God is great an that god is amazing God is my everything bless up thank you all for hearing my story please donate it dont have to be a lot but anything will help out its better then nothing at all im pretty sure the will bless u back for a good deed God bless you an have a great Blessed Day please donate for a great cause


Organized by

Antuan Brown

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