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The Car 4 Joanne campaign is hoping that you can assist us in making sure a very special person receives something she has longed deserved. I am going to keep it very brief. Joanne’s 50th birthday is coming up at the end of December. 50 is a big milestone, and we want to do something nice for her this birthday. Joanne has overcome a lot in her life from raising two kids alone to beating her battle with cervical cancer. She has a very lovely spirit and puts a smile on everyone she comes in contact with faces. She is always doing great things for others, now we want to do something great for her. In our mom’s current 49 years of living she has never owned a car. We find that outrageous. We really want to change that, but our current circumstance doesn’t permit us to do so. She works an early morning shift at work (1am-7am). She has to take public transportation to get to work; we honestly don’t like her out walking in Camden that late alone. She also cares for her ill mother and has to take her to doctor appointments twice a week on public transportation. We are hoping that you all can help us raise the amount of $40,000 to buy her a new car. She is well deserving of it. Thank you for reading.



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Car is working on selecting a charity so you can support Car4Joanne.