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Our Mom Needs a New Car

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Hello... My name is Clint Davis. My three siblings and I have started this campaign with the hope of raising enough money to buy our mom a new car. Here's our story:

Our parents were missionaries to Navajo Native Americans in Arizona when we were young. They went on to teach classes on being a missionary and manage the student housing at a Bible school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for 20 years.

When they retired in 2000, they bought and made a 5th-wheel recreational vehicle their home, and they began traveling around the U.S. visiting former students who had gone on to become missionaries themselves, helping them out with their any need. Sometimes that meant taking over ministerial duties while the missionaries took a well-deserved vacation, and sometimes it meant helping out with odd jobs around the mission/church--Dad was a handyman extraordinaire.

I say "was" because in September of 2008 Dad passed away suddenly. At the time our parents were living on a tiny Native American reservation in northern Nevada where they were filling in at a church that was without a minister. In the few months they lived there the people grew to love our parents and wanted them to stay. And they likely would have, but with Dad gone everything changed.

Our parents lead simple lives and had very few possessions. They lived on Social Security and what people gave to their ministry. With Dad's passing, Mom couldn't afford the payments on their 5th-wheel and had to sell it. She moved back to Oklahoma and now lives with my sister and her family.

Now about the car. Our parents had both a truck that they pulled the 5th-wheel with and a Subaru station wagon. The truck was sold when the 5th-wheel was. The Subaru, which had been obtained well-used and had a *lot* of miles on it, was on it's last leg. Mom heard about a newer Subaru that had a lot of miles on it as well, but not near as many and it was in better condition. She was able to sell the old one and buy the newer one. That's been over 3 years now, and after several journeys from Oklahoma back out to Arizona and other places, the already-elderly Subaru is nearing its last leg as well.

That all brings me to this humble quest of ours to raise enough money to buy our Mom a *new* safe and reliable car--likely another Subaru. After all she has done to raise four children, and minister to and humbly serve countless people, she deserves this. She certainly can't afford it on her meager income, and my siblings and I are all fully engaged in making our own journeys through life and cannot afford to do this for her on our own. That's why we're making the need known to "the world" through this medium. 

Donations are processed securely through Paypal--you do not need to have or create a Paypal account to donate. You can donate anonymously or leave a comment--that's up to you.

We will truly be forever grateful for anything you can donate toward this well-deserved gift to our Mom.


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Clint Davis

Clint Davis

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