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Carebag Inc

Homelessness is a complex issue that both impacts and is impacted by the world around us. Carebag Inc. is an all-volunteer charitable organization that serves the homeless families, women, children, men and at-risk individuals in the Treasure Coast of South Florida. We teach them to survive, move forward and thrive. Tax ID 81-5073954


Imagine waking up day after day and you have no place to take a shower. Imagine afraid to go to school, because you have not had a shower in 3 days. Imagine having to bath in the sink at a gas station. Imagine what it would be like. Help CareBag Inc. reach their goal to purchase a mobile shower.

One of the greatest unaddressed challenges for those who are homeless is access to clean water and sanitation. Access to these simple commodities is not only essential to self-esteem, but has been declared a basic human right by the United Nations. In a world where people are forced to call the street a home, use a curb as a restroom, and where the homeless’ value is ignored, the showers are not simply a good idea, they are an essential respite that can inspire someone's desire to live.

The objective of the Mobile Showers project is to provide access to warm showers for those who are homeless to protect both their personal hygiene and public health; increase feelings of selfworth; provide opportunities for employment.

This project fills a critical need, with over 2,400 residents of the Treasure Coast in needs, over 1,500 are registered in the school district as homeless. Another service agency has showers at their center with varying hours, but due to distance this is a brick and morter and many have no access to get to this service.

With community-based and sustainable-focused especially on the needs of our children. This change will change a life, change a community, ultimately change the next generation.