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Today, an effective fund raising method must produce constant, passive, and perpetual residual income flowing into the organization with a minimum of time and effort.

That cash flow model, to be most effective, should require no reminders; no hard sell; operate in the background, and generate no donor fatigue.

Organizations have employed traditional methods of fund raising including pledge drives, telethons, direct mailing campaigns, or personal pleas from Leadership or even celebrity appeals.

With the financial success of your organization at stake, the need for effective fund raising efforts is obvious.

A forward-thinking campaign should look to tap into this desire and move to take full advantage of it.

The revenue generated by satisfying this desire can be the key to funding your organization’s financial future.

Perhaps you have been wondering how to make your next campaign stand be different enough to really light a fire under your donors.


As you ponder that next fund raising effort, over your hot cup of coffee or tea, envision that same cup making your organization a fortune.

The Answer, Coffee. The world's favorite consumable beverage.

Coffee is that one product that will be consumed constantly.

People cannot and will not go without their coffee and even go to great lengths to have it.

After all, it is the second most consumed product in the world behind water and you need water to make it!

The NEED for coffee has no season and the desire for it never expires. Regardless the financial situation in the world, people will still pay to consume coffee--even if it is offered for free at their jobs!

Not a coffee drinker? You probably know someone who is. That, in itself, creates a golden fund raising opportunity for you.



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