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Serving 5 Counties in SC, Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Lee and Marlboro. Every day we have uninsured or under-insured patients that need just a little help to access the care they need. It may be a CT or MRI to better help their CareSouth provider diagnose and treat them. they may need emergency medications to better manage their diabetes or COPD, or other chronic medical condition. It could be dental emergency where constant pain and discomfort can only be remedied with an extraction or oral health management. Our community funds are used to make these types of procedures and much more-- possible. Tax ID 55-0839537




CareFIRST Carolina Foundation has worked to fund and equip a school based portable dental program. Reaching out to local communities and allowing children who have never seen a dentist access to oral health care.  Our dental teams will roll in to a school and unload the dental equipment (like a MASH unit) and provide comprehensive dental care to the children in need.  No child in dental pain will be refused for not being able to pay and our teams work diligently with both the parents/guardians and school nurses to be sure follow up care and other needed services can be made available.  these services are very expensive to deliver and the collective donations of individuals, businesses, local foundations and regional foundations have made it possible to put this program in place. from the child who was struck with a brick coming off the bus on her first day of school and broke her front teeth out to a 14 year old with such dental decay that dentures were needed.  Early dental care and training is given as well passing out tooth brushes and toothpaste to head start and elementary children as they learn about better oral health.

for every $50.00  we can assist a child with a dental visit, for 150.00 we can cover a full dental encounter visit including x-rays, an extraction or filling up to two cavities.  Help us continue to never have to turn a chile in pain away from needed dental services due to lack of family funding.

join us and help make a difference in the life of a child - Make a smile happen..donate today!