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Care for Kids Foundation, Inc.

Care for Kids Foundation, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Aug 19, 2013
Tax ID: 35-1985042
BASED: Indianapolis, IN, United States


Creating Life Changes

The Care For Kids Foundation offers Creative Camps for foster children so they can gain a creative voice.

Camp. It brings up a myriad of different feelings from individuals depending on the experiences they had.

But the one constant is the memories and lessons learned last a lifetime.

 Throughout the years, the members of Care for Kids have strived for ways to intertwine serving the children with what we think they need and encouraging them to have fun. We have not only attempted to teach the kids important life lessons, but also gave them the chance to speak for themselves. One of the major aspects we learned from our past camps was that these children need somebody to listen. We now define our programs around that fundamental value. Everything we do is based on creativity, whether it's dance and music or art and creative writing. Strategic team building exercises help strengthen relationships between the campers and counselors. This area can include activities that promotes trust in each other which can lead to a deeper reflection time. And reflection time may be considered the most important part of this camp. This activity allows the children to tell their personal stories to peers that are in similar situations, which can make it easier to express one's feelings. And the stories can be heartbreaking, but in this environment, the children speak. At camp, judgement is not allowed. Understanding is key. These children have a voice that needs to be heard, and we choose to provide the skills and training that allow them to utilize their creative voice.

 We do not want to create a dependence on us. We intend to create independence in them.  Let the voices begin.

Tax ID: 35-1985042 •


Two Weeks Are Better

Two Weeks Are Better

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