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CARE of Southeastern Michigan

CARE's mission is to strengthen resiliency in people and their communities through prevention, education, and services that improve the quality of life. Tax ID 38-2175274


CARE's vision is for a healthy community that is informed about mental illness and the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in order to reduce the stigma associated with these concerns, promote recovery, and empower people to seek help without fear of judgement.

Founded in 1977, CARE is a Macomb County based non-profit with 41 years of history providing programs and educational resources aimed at preventing substance use and negative influences before they have destructive consequences. When prevention alone isn’t enough, CARE provides opportunities for recovery and healing through early intervention services and pathways to other community resources for treatment and support for low income families and individuals of all ages struggling with mental health concerns and alcohol, prescription and non prescription drugs, and tobacco use. Each year CARE strengthens the resiliency and quality of life for over 40,000 individuals from early childhood to older adults.