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Elizabeth Lara

Elizabeth Lara
Modesto, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

My cause is similar to that of many women. In short I would like a second chance for my daughter and myself. My story began about 13 years ago. Like any wishful couple, my husband and I were anxious to start up a family. One year into our marriage I became pregnant with a baby girl which I was able to carry to the 22nd weeks into my pregnancy. I became devastated and a year later we decided to try again. Twenty six week and a half into my pregnancy I went into pre-term labor. My baby boy survived one day in the incubator and passed away due to complications which were said to cause him cerebral palsy. Naturally we were devastated. I became obsessed with being able to have a baby. To ease my grief I submerged myself in my job for a year and failed to notice that my husband turned to recreational drugs as a way to cope. When I discovered him I quit my job as a way to pressure him into letting go of his drug use. It worked, realizing that he had no economic support on my behalf, my husband quit using drugs. I, however, coped with my losses by submerging myself beyond full time as a community college student. I pursued a career Child Development... I figured, if I didn't get to have a child of my own at least I'd be able to work with children. My husband and I attempted to have another child witching three years of our last loss with no success. I became extremely depressed and obsessed with my condition. I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix. In the year of 2011 I was blessed with having a beautiful daughter. I was so happy and felt so lucky. Unfortunately my priorities and my husband's did not align. He has become selfish, possessive and has turned to extreme use of alcohol. I feel so defeated and I feel like I have cheated my daughter out of life. She is now close to turning five years old. I have fough for my marriage throughout this time. I wanted to make the best decision for my daughter and her future. I know what a divorce entails for her based on studies and statistics, but the situation in my marriage has become intolerable. I try putting a strong front whenever I'm with my daughter, but there are days in which I feel so overwhelmed and run over. I want a second chance for both of us. I want a separation from my daughters' father. I,however, have no support from his family or my family. My acquaintances are his and I know for a fact that I can't rely on them. For reasons mentioned above I seek the help of strangers. I want a second shot at making things right. For that I need money that I don't have. I hold a job, but my earnings are not enough to offer my daughter a smooth transition. I have no money to cover for a place to live in, for a car, and minor debt... not to mention legal expenses. Like I mentioned my husband has been very possessive throughout these years and I have nothing of my own. No car, no money, no living space or furniture. I must point out that I have put more than 100% into my marriage to make things work out, but living with an alcoholic is no simple feat and is only bound to make things worse for my daughter's future. Day in and day out I deal with anxiety and depression. My daughter is my only true value and reason to keep on going each day. No matter how defeated I may feel I rise and try to make things good for her, but I know that no matter how hard I try with her father I our lives it will not get better ever. Thank you to those who wish to support my cause. I would not turn to this if I had other options. I do not intend to take advantage of anyone and in return I give my word that I will continue to fight for my daughter's well being. In the near future I hope to give back to society the little bit that I can. I begin by providing my services daily in my job setting as a facilitator for those children with special needs. Thank you so much....







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