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Mon National Education Committee
Mon National … SAYS:
Dear Supporter and Friend of…
Dear Supporter and Friend of Bop Htaw Education,

Our cohort of 19 remarkable students have successfully graduated their 10-month course of studies at the Bop Htaw Education Empowerment Program, and as we see them off, we are wishing them the best of luck as they embark on their careers as teachers in remote Southeastern Myanmar!

Please allow us this opportunity to thank you again for your contribution to Bop Htaw Education. Without your support, our program would not have been able to survive during our funding gap, and we would not have been able to end our academic year on the highest of notes.

Thanks to your donation, we have had a very significant third trimester and have been able to provide our students with unique opportunities and events such as:
-- continuation of our 9-month Teaching Practicum to four classes and over 80 children!
-- a 3-month weekly Mon and Burmese mother-tongue based Storytelling Course to over 100 children!
-- a 5-week basic English community After-school Project for over 40 children!
-- a 3-day certified Curriculum Development & Teacher Training Workshop from the Faculty of Education at Naresuan, University, Thailand!
-- a momentous Graduation Ceremony attended by leaders from the Mon National Education Committee and New Mon State Party!
-- Civic Studies, English and Community Development teaching resources for our graduates to use in their local communities!

Please visit our Facebook Page ( or follow this link to our Google Drive ( to view PHOTOS of the IMPACT your donation has made! We would like to share with you the fantastic accomplishments that we have made through your support.

Your commitment to empowering the next generation of teachers for Southeastern Myanmar will be the gift that keeps on giving as our graduates enter their first year of teaching, primed to improve the quality and conditions of education for over 2,000 schoolchildren.

Our 2015-16 academic year at Bop Htaw Education has been incredibly inspiring, and we would not be where we are today, positioned for a bright future with secure funding, were it not for your support. If you are ever in Thanbyuzayat, Mon State in Southeastern Myanmar, please come visit us and our new campus!

On behalf of the students and staff of Bop Htaw Education, as well as the Mon National Education Committee,

Thank You!


2 years ago
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Mon National Education Committee
Mon National … SAYS:
Dear Bop Htaw Education Supp…
Dear Bop Htaw Education Supporters,

Greetings from HISTORIC ELECTION DAY in Myanmar! We hope you are excited as we are about the possibility of a new government and the potential for much needed education reform!

We want to thank you for your INSPIRING SUPPORT for Mon Education -- thanks to you we are training the future teachers and leaders of our Mon Nation.

We hope you are interested and reading about the elections in Myanmar. To learn more about the current situation for our Mon Nation and why we are working for social change in Burma, please view our documentaries:

Mon History and Culture -

Mon Education -

Thank you for being interested in our cause for improving the conditions and quality of education for Mon Nation. Your support has been inspiring and invaluable.

We are over 50% to our goal, and we hope to raise a few thousand more dollars to continue to strengthen Bop Htaw Education and raise its profile across Myanmar and SE Asia. We would therefore like to encourage all of you wonderful individuals to help us spread our campaign and consider making a follow up contribution. Your contributions have helped the last three months be very successful, and future contributions will expand our opportunities and make our program that much stronger!

Thanks to everyone who has donated!


The Mon National Education Committee
3 years ago
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Gray SAYS:
Dear Bop Htaw Education Supp…
Dear Bop Htaw Education Supporter,

Thanks to your help and the contributions of many, we have been able to operate our program at the HIGHEST LEVEL with all running costs fully covered over the last three months!

Additionally, during this same time-frame we have received two encouraging developments:

Firstly, we have been AWARDED a substantial six-month grant from the Slingshot Development Foundation that ensures we can complete our current academic year without any budgetary sacrifices.

Secondly, we have an agreement in concept with Child's Dream foundation that would ensure funding for all program operations beginning in May with the 2016-17 Academic Year. This is a huge accomplishment as our program has additional costs and staff support during the Two Year Teaching Internship, and we also have a partner First Year school in Nyi Sar, Mon State.

These developments are exciting and critical for the continued success of our program, and we could not have accomplished this without your support! A successful fundraising campaign is made through the incredible collaboration of many altruistic individuals, and I thank you for your continued participation.

If you have not already, please visit our YouTube channel (, where you can find two information videos:

-- one on the EDUCATION SYSTEM your donation is helping (

-- one on the HISTORY & CULTURE of the Mon Nation that you donation is helping (

I highly recommend watching both to get a much clearer impression of where your donation is going!

Lastly, we are continuing to raise funds so that we can cover a few operations not covered by our recent funding agreements. These include:

-- a trip to present at a February UNESCO conference in Bangkok

-- a certified training hosted with Naresuan Univeristy's Faculty of Education

Both of these events will be instrumental in continuing to build the profile of Bop Htaw Education, and we hope you will consider making a FOLLOW UP contribution.

Thanks for reading, and IMMENSE GRATITUDE for your continued support!


3 years ago
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Gray SAYS:
Hey Everyone! HERE IS A VER…
Hey Everyone!

HERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE that you'll DEFINITELY want to check out! (it includes a fascinating video)

We greatly appreciate your contributions to our campaign, and you have shown great belief, support and pride in the power of education.

However, you are probably wondering JUST WHO your altruism is benefiting. Therefore, our Bop Htaw Education staff and students have made a VERY INFORMATIVE short documentary about MON NATION, the group of peoples whose education system we are working to empower!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch this fascinating video at the following link:

You will learn about the history, culture and current situation of Mon Nation, and how your participation in our fundraiser fits into this!

Take a few minutes to watch, listen and learn about who you are helping through your generosity. You'll also learn more about just who I have been working with and for these last few years!

Watch Now:

Happy Viewing!

3 years ago
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Gray SAYS:
Hi All Altruistic Do-Gooders…
Hi All Altruistic Do-Gooders!

I wanted to share with you a SHORT INFORMATIVE DOCUMENTARY we have made and translated that offers an inside look at the conditions that our student teachers will go back to in Mon State, Burma:

Take a minute to watch this video and learn more about who your generosity will benefit and develop. It's a fascinating, informative video, and it will give you a strong impression of the work I have been involved in, and the education context I am working to develop.

Also, please SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! Share with your FRIENDS, FAMILY and PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS! This would be a huge boon to our ongoing campaign, it would help us greatly to spread word about our great program! So please, take just a minute and share this video on your Facebook, or send it out via email!

You can help us keep the momentum going with a quick share!

A quick update:

Thanks to everyone's contributions, we have raised over $10,000, which has been incredibly inspiring to me, our staff and our wonderful students, but also nearly ensures we will continue through our current academic year!

But, we are still not finished! We hope to continue our fundraiser so that we can keep our program running for the years to come! We wish to ensure the long-term success of this program, and this is only possible through your help and the assistance of the donor-organizations we have partnered with!

Thank you so much for contributing to our campaign, and I want to encourage you to stay involved with our program and our continued success!

Love & Peace from the Asian Southeast,

With Gratitude,

3 years ago
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Gray SAYS:
Dear Education Empower-er, …
Dear Education Empower-er,

This is it! – My ultimate THANK YOU for your incredible support. I speak for our entire Bop Htaw Education team when I say that the outpouring of support for my personal fundraising campaign has been TRULY INSPIRING.

I warmly welcome you to continue to participate in our on-going fundraising campaign by SHARING with your personal and professional networks and considering MAKING A FOLLOW UP CONTRIBUTION.

I am so inspired to have exceeded my personal fundraising goal, that I now hope to personally raise $8,000 on my Crowdrise profile (

I have chosen $8,000 as my new target because of its importance in Buddhism, the faith of my students. My new target includes $1,000 raised for each of the Noble Eightfold Paths: right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration. Although not a practicing Buddhist, I personally believe it will be AUSPICIOUS for me to have personally raised $8,000.

Moreover, eight happens to be my own lucky number and it will put us very close to the $9,000 needed to run for the next three months!

Your support will help us cover ESSENTIAL COSTS for food, local salaries and utilities, and it will additionally allow us to continue to strengthen our program in the ever-changing context that is Myanmar.

Additionally, I encourage everyone to FOLLOW US on Facebook ( ) to keep up-to-date and well informed about our program’s work, its impact and our on-going situation.

Facebook has surpassed email and the printed media as the primary means of communication and information sharing in Burma. We therefore regularly update our page with photos and info to help promote our work. Moreover, Facebook is a great way for you to see the impact your donation is making in helping us continue our work!

Our funding gap has started, so it is time for me to focus on other things that will cement our program’s future not just for this year, but for years to come. We have made lots of strides with this in the past four months, and I am optimistic moving my full attention (when I’m not teaching my daily lessons, of course!) towards this integral next step.

THANKS for your continued participation! Your continued help improves the quality of education for over 2,000 schoolchildren in remote Southeastern Myanmar!

I have been inspired by your collective support.

All the Very Best,

3 years ago
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Gray SAYS:
Dear Do-Gooders, I hope thi…
Dear Do-Gooders,

I hope this message finds everyone well.

There is one small request I have for everyone that will GREATLY HELP our program move ahead. This request has just two steps and will honestly only take two minutes!

1) Please VISIT our Facebook page:

2) Please CLICK the 'LIKE' button on the top right of the page (on that happy photo of our group)

Thanks! This will keep you updated on the events we do through our program (with cool pictures of our students and activities) so you can see how your donations are used to provide high quality pre-service teacher training. We try to have weekly updates about our cool activities and our thoughts about education and Burma.

Moreover, your like helps us continue to build our social media presence, which is HUGE for us as we work to promote and pitch our program to large partner organizations.

And also this will make it easier to share about our program! Please take a minute and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE! It's one of those small actions that goes a long way in helping our program!

I continue to be inspired by the outpouring of help and support everyone has shown and the continued contributions our fundraising receives. It is AWESOME to see the total climb above 100%! Thank you!



3 years ago
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Gray SAYS:
Dear Supporters of Bop Htaw …
Dear Supporters of Bop Htaw Education,

We've done it! Thanks to everyone's kind and generous donations, I have met my personal fundraising goal, It has been awesome to see the outpouring of support for the work I am doing and impact our program is making in empowering education for remote communities in Southeastern Myanmar!

What's more, it is fantastic to have met this goal weeks before our current USAID grant expires. Our collective work has ensured that our program can continue for several months during our upcoming funding gap.

Many thanks again for joining us in improving the quality and conditions in Myanmar. I strongly believe that education is the most integral ingredient towards social reform, and I believe that within a context like Myanmar, it is education that will lead to the ultimate development of the country. Your generosity will be used towards education that will contribute greatly to the development of ethnic Mon communities in Southeastern Myanmar.

However, the reality is that my personal fundraising goal is really just half of what we hope to raise through our fundraising. To really ensure that our 19 enthusiastic students can continue to receive Critical Thinking, Language Arts and Pre-Service Teacher Training in the case of a larger funding gap, our program is hoping to collectively raise $10,000. Thanks to the cascade of support over the last month and a half, we have built up some incredible momentum towards this overall goal.

It is my hope that you will continue to support our work towards improving education for Southeastern Myanmar by spread the word about our program and your support for our program. Your altruism is inspirational and will go a long way out here, and by spreading our work, our impact and our fundraising efforts, we can collectively continue to build and strengthen our program's financial situation.

Many thanks, do-gooders! I am humbled.

All the Very Best,

3 years ago
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Gray SAYS:
Dear Friends and Family, Th…
Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks to your wonderful help, I am now over 50% to my fundraising goal! This is an incredible benchmark to have hit less than one month in.

It means a WHOLE lot to have received the support of so many people whose paths I have crossed in this interesting life of mine.

Thanks to our combined efforts, our program is assured on continuing for at least another month (if I hit my goal, two months!). This is huge because it covers our funding gap while I communicate future financial support partnerships with donor organizations. Our program is awesome and our impact is large, so I'm very optimistic we will have success in finding new partners. Our program has never been stronger, and thanks to y'all, I believe it will only continue to strengthen!

Thanks again for the generous donations!!! Y'all Rock!!!

All the Best & Much Love,


3 years ago
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