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CROWDRISE : Dec 22, 2013
Tax ID: 27-2174785
BASED: McKees Rocks, PA, United States



Adopt! Don't Shop

CARMAA supports pet adoption by connecting pet owners and those searching for pets with answers and resources. CARMAA's goal is to bridge shelters and rescues with the community so that everyone can take part in making a difference; we believe that people are willing to do the right thing, once they know what it is. Be a part of the solution. Make a difference. Make a choice. Adopt.

CARMAA is known for the largest adoptathon in Pittsburgh - DogtoberFEST. Every year, over 100 shelters, rescues and vendors converge for the free event, drawing thousands of pet lovers. Our newest goal is to expand on the popularity of that event by opening an adoption center in the heart of a friendly retail location. Many people support adopting from shelters, but are wary of making the trip. And it's understandable; the thought of looking at 100 homeless animals or more behind bars can be daunting. Now imagine some of those same animals in brightly colored rooms with no bars, freshly bathed and visiting with potential families in rooms with real furniture. Instead of an industrial shelter, potential families will be stopping by an adoption center nestled amoung Starbucks and large chain stores. While they are the same animals, they have a much better chance to shine outside of the kennel environment. Shelters and rescues - who have very little opportunities to showcase their animals in person - will have a permanent off-site location. With a built in retail center, customers will be able to purchase everything they need, with 100% of the proceeds going back to the animals. The adoption center will be able to sustain itself, once built. That's a win for everybody!

Tax ID: 27-2174785 •


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