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In 1977, a young local woman named Caroline Sue Quann died of cancer at the age of 31.  Determined to honor her wishes to be at home for her final days, her friends rallied around her with medical care and abiding love to make her death a journey, not a lonely event.  This marked the founding of FRIENDS of Caroline HOSPICE, then the first and only Hospice in Beaufort County.

For over 30 years, we have continued to foster the seeds of love and concern those fellow Beaufortonians planted.  While other national hospice organizations have come to our community, we remain the only hospice who offers all our services completely free of charge.

FRIENDS of Caroline HOSPICE remains the only hospice in Beaufort that collects no money from our patients, their families, insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid.  In order to provide these services, we rely 100% on donations and gifts from organizations and individuals as well as a variety of annual fundraising events.

FRIENDS of Caroline HOSPICE is a licensed medical, totally non-profit, tax-exempt (501(c)3) organization funded entirely through local fundraising efforts and supported by a loving group of over 800 volunteers.