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CROWDRISE : Jun 13, 2014
Tax ID: 27-2357235
BASED: Wadsworth, IL, United States


Our Mission

Fostering Development Through Creative Collaboration

The Carrefour Collaborative seeks to provide Haiti’s most talented artists with the means to both achieve their artistic goals and to share their work with an international audience. Through individual grants and curated artist exchanges, we aim to offset the marginalization of Haiti’s artistic community on an international and national level.


Carrefour Collaborative Artist Grants:

We seek to provide the freedom to create. We choose our artists based on merits alone and work from there. We provide what the artists needs most, from basic living expenses to top of the line recording technology. The grant recipient is fully accountable for providing a finished work at the end of the funding period. We believe that in leveling the playing field for Haitian artists, the global artistic community will benefit just as much as the sponsored artists.


Carrefour Collaborative Artist Exchange Program:

The exchange program is designed to strengthen the bonds of the creative community in Haiti. We provide the platform for Chicago’s artists and professionals across all disciplines to hone their craft with the help of their peers. Through collaborative projects, workshops, and exhibitionary opportunities Chicago artists will work directly with their peers in Haiti in a mutually beneficial cultural exchange.


Run for Carrefour

Run for Carrefour

Amount Raised:



49% Raised of $2,600 Goal