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Anyone who has met Carter over the past year can attest to the fact that he can typically be found running full sprint, swimming non-stop or tormenting his "brother", Jack. Carter's big personality, endless energy and enthusiasm for life are just a few of the loveable characteristics that this pooch possesses.

Unfortunately, about 3 months ago, we noticed Carter starting to limp, unable to put pressure on his back leg. After multiple vet appointments, we were told to keep him on restricted movement and give him time to heal. Unable to go for runs, playtime or even walks, Carter's strength in his leg continued to deteriorate and, with all the strain on his other leg, he developed a limp in both hind legs, now unable to walk or go up or down stairs. This past week, we took him to a specialist for further evaluation and the determination was that Carter has bilateral CCL tears in both hind knees and is quickly losing muscle ability in his back legs causing additional strain on his lower back.

With Carter's current condition, we understand that surgery will be necessary if he hopes to regain his ability to walk and play. In order to provide him with the high-energy quality of life he craves, we also recognize that a more extensive surgery will be necessary. The veterinarian recommended the TPLO, or Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy, procedure since Carter is a large, young, and active dog. With bilateral ruptures, Carter will require surgery on both of his hind legs and additional rehab to get him back on his feet.

With proper treatment and the TPLO surgery, Carter can be expected to return to a fully active, normal lifestyle within 8 - 10 weeks following the procedure. The success rate of this procedure is above 90% and would offer Carter a return to his fully rambunctious self for the remainder of his life.

The cost for the procedure was estimated between $3,000 and $8,000 including costs for surgery, anesthesia, medical supplies, boarding, and rehabilitation. We are hoping that since he will have both legs repaired at the same time that we might be able to negotiate on costs, but the rehabilitation portion may prove to be more expensive since Carter will be unable to walk in the interim.

I have created this fundraising page to support Carter as he embarks on the road to recovery. We hope that you will consider making a small donation of $10 to supplement the cost of Carter's surgery and rehabilitation.

Any support that you provide is appreciated and I will be sure to reciprocate with photos of Carter as he returns to his normal routines of destroying remote controls, chewing through endless bones, and tormenting Jack.

Thank you again for supporting "Carter's Cause" - here's hoping to a speedy recovery!



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