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to create a vibrant, friendly community of individuals and artists who support the growth and development of world-class Flamenco art through programming and classes, for children through adults. Flamenco, a passionate and visceral art form, is a way of life. One must immerse in it to really understand it. Here at Casa Flamenca, although far from Flamenco’s birth place, we create an environment that encourages our students to immerse themselves in our unique cultural community. We create events and programming that allow our community be a part of this amazing art form. Tax ID 27-2877560


Casa Flamenca has long-endured a mission of giving back to the community by inspiring the notion that anyone who believes and is willing to put in the love, work and sacrifice to dance Flamenco, will dance.  This notion has pulled Flamenco dance movement from students who are wheel-chair bound, autistic, ADHD and students well into their 70's and 80's.  Through the same inspiration, Casa Flamenca also pushes past financial obstacles to train young dancers and introducing Flamenco to Title 1 schools in financial need, as well as presenting annual world-class productions with renown local, national and international artists from a diverse background.

Casa Flamenca focuses on preserving Flamenco as a language.  It is important to be able to understand the heritage and oral traditions of Flamenco as a cultural art.  Using a structured method and codified terminology it becomes easier for the student to master the language of dynamic calls and signals which aid in the creation of both Flamenco choreography and original music.  Passing on this language of Flamenco, we help educate a community that can later educate others.

Staying true to Flamenco’s foundation as a solo art form, each individual at Casa Flamenca is trained independently so no two dancers look exactly alike.  Smaller class sizes at Casa Flamenca help the instructor tend to the needs of each student.  Often, classes will have a range of levels from beginning-intermediate students through concert professionals.  The professional students in class give beginning students an audio visual reference of where discipline and hard work can take them as a future Flamenco artist.




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