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DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 30, 2013

I am for the child™


As a child, when you were ill or injured, scared, struggling with school, or were simply in need of a hug, where did you turn?  Many of you turned to your families - biological or otherwise – in those times of need for the unconditional love and support families are there to provide.


On any given day in Orange County alone, there are 2,500 children in the dependency system with no family to turn to.  They are struggling to make it through life alone without the love and support they need and deserve.  


CASA of Orange County is there to provide that love and support – last year to nearly 1,000 youths in Orange County’s foster care system.  We are your community’s direct connection to one-on-one foster youth support.  We exist to serve the kids in need in our community – to give a voice, hope and a brighter future to the most severely abused and neglected children and teens.


In this uncertain economic time, CASA of Orange County counts on your support, now more than ever. Your gift is extremely important to us because it provides crucial training and supervision to our volunteer advocates, who make an immediate impact in the lives of foster youth and in our community as a whole.


Your gift can make all the difference to the children in Orange County’s foster care system.  Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.


Your donation will make a world of difference.


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