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Research, Restoration, Education, and Outreach

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Cascadia Geosciences (CG) is created in order to promote earth-science based multi-disciplinary research, restoration, education, and outreach.

One of the primary functions of CG is to directly engage in and to provide facilities for others to engage in the enhancement and restoration of California’s environment. 

CG will conduct geologic research with the goals of identifying, monitoring, and, understanding geologic hazards to help prepare for and mitigate future natural disasters. 

Our intent is to improve our community by conducting activities that benefit it, and developing a public education component of our organization to bridge the gap between our scientific activities and the need for the public to understand them. Furthermore, we intend to share our knowledge and paradigm with other communities in California. 

CG will promote a non-competitive atmosphere for its participants so that short and long term goals are driven towards fruition. CG will gain respect in scientific community by conducting unbiased research.