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CROWDRISE : Dec 19, 2013
Tax ID: 23-7441292
BASED: Raleigh, NC, United States


Our Mission

The mission of the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) is to provide positive and high-quality instructional and competitive youth soccer opportunities at all levels of play that enhance character, community and the love of the game for a diverse membership of children ages 4-18 and their families across Wake County and to serve as a community partner to improving the quality of life in Wake County.

Funds raised through this campaign will support CASL's Community Outreach efforts by providing financial aid to families who are facing economic constraints as well as offsetting costs for participants in one of our many outreach programs. CASL Community Outreach targets underserved populations and provides them with an opportunity to play the game of soccer - for FREE or little cost. CASL Community Outreach provides soccer opportunities for youth who may face economic, physical, or intellectual challenges.

By working with local schools, other non-profit organizations, community centers, and the larger community, CASL can continue to open up the game of soccer to all youth who want to play. $10 allows a youth in our after-school programs to participate for a month of free soccer, $100 could give a kid from community outreach the opportunity to play recreation soccer for an entire season, and $1000 could cover the cost to start an entire new after-school program! 

Funds raised will continue to allow us to live our mission, promote active living and healthy behaviors, and be a true partner in improving the quality of life in the greater Wake County area. 

Tax ID: 23-7441292 •


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