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Town of Castle Rock - Adaptive Recreation Program

Castle Rock Adaptive Recreation provides top-notch programming and inclusion support for persons with disabilities. We believe that living a fun, meaningful, active life is important for all members of our community. Program activities include social groups, outdoor adventures, Friday night programs, family programs, swim lessons, fitness groups, adaptive sports, and more.


Close your eyes and take a minute to imagine something.  Imagine having a passion for team sports like basketball, individual sports, like swimming, or outdoor adventures, like rock climbing or skiing.  Now imagine having a disability that makes it difficult to participate in those sports.  Worse yet, imagine that most people don’t believe you can participate in something so physically demanding. Enter the Adaptive Recreation program in Castle Rock.  We empower those with intellectual disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, and more to discover their passion.  We then get them involved in those activities, and we strive to remove any barriers that may exist.  Recreation and leisure are vital to a healthy lifestyle, and the Adaptive Recreation program makes sure that all people have access to these opportunities, regardless of their disability.

Often, adaptive recreation programs are cost-prohibitive for families already innundated with the additional medical and theraputic costs that often accompany a disability. We work hard on behalf of our participants to keep costs low, to offer generous scholarships and to provide life enriching activities. We have taken participants rock climbing in the mountains, white-water kayaking, to Estes Park for an overnight outdoor adventure camp, to Winter Park to go skiing, played hundreds of games of kickball, soccer and other team sports, taught hundreds of swim lessons, and so much more. 

We host several events throuhout the year to maintain our ability to offer scholarships while informing and educating the community, purchase adaptive equipment, and continue to expand our programing. We hope to change how the world percieves what someone with a disability can accomplish.