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Catherines Health Center

Catherine's Health Center provides high quality, affordable and compassionate health care to underserved people in the greater Grand Rapids area. Tax ID 20-3572418


When people avoid or delay health care because they lack money, insurance, or access the results touch the entire community. That all turns around for the better when people find a medical home where they feel respected, listened to, and engaged. And that's what we do!

People come through our door bringing their pain. Often real, physical pain. But nearly always the pain of feeling blown off or diminished. And the pain of anxiety: "I hope this works better than the last place I tried." And it does!

Time after time people who become our patients say, "The very first time I walked up to the front desk the person there just made me feel hopeful!" And they go on, "Everyone there treated me with respect."

We like to think that showing respect, engaging people with dignity, and offering hope are key parts of a good health care approach. So we work hard at it every single day.

It's making a difference! People invest time in their own health. They're working hard to change bad habits. Their health is improving, their outlook is hopeful, and the community wins!