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The Sheriff's Cave Rescue Team in San Bernardino County is the only formally organized, trained and equipped, agency-affiliated rescue team dedicated to cave rescue in the State of California. The team was formed originally to serve as a dedicated response team for Mitchell Caverns State Park in 1988 and originally operated out of the Sheriff's Colorado River Station in Needles, CA. In 1993, the team was relocated to the Sheriff's Morongo Basin Station and in 1995, it was moved once again to it's current location at the Sheriff's Department Headquarters in San Bernardino, CA., where it is administratively attached to the Sheriff's Volunteer Forces Unit.

In June of 1999, the Cave Rescue Team was accepted as an "Associate Member Team" of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA), certified in "Technical Rope Rescue." In September of 2006, the team completed the "Search and Tracking" certification, and, in February 2008, the team completed the "Snow and Ice Rescue" certification, to become a "Full Member Team" of the MRA.

Contact the Team:
909-206-CAVE (2283)