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September 22, 2010

October 7 is coming up. Let's do what we can to help Craig's pets!  See more
Bradley Gillespie


Patricia Harrington wrote -

I am putting this project on Crowdrise until October 7th 2010, the one-year anniversary of my friend Craig Cohen’s death. I call him my friend, but the truth is I hardly knew him at all. We were volunteers at a local wildlife rehab, but never met there. When the volunteer director left to take another job (at RFB &D, which is another of my projects), she invited many of us to keep in touch. About 2 dozen of us would dine out or visit a museum or something every month or so. I was drawn to Craig with his warm smile, and lively sense of humor. The fact that we both worked for the school system, was just one more thing we had in common. Craig was attacked near his home in April 2009. The police are calling it a “robbery”, and refuse to classify it as a hate crime. But his watch, wallet, and jewelry were not taken. Only his cell phone, as he tried to call 911. Craig was a slightly built man, and he would never have challenged the half dozen or so lowlifes that traveled to his specific neighborhood, and also attacked another man nearby. Craig hung on in a coma for 6 months. But this project is not about justice; it is about the animals he left behind. His 5 cats and a dog found new homes. But Craig’s friends realized there must be other innocent animal victims of violent crime. We partnered with Pet Project for Pets to help with care for pets whose owners are victimized. Please help in Craig’s memory. You can read more about Craig by clicking the CCAAP button on our website. I will not exploit his memory by posting pictures of his dog, Eddie, licking his comatose owner’s face. Please be generous. I pray that you and your loved ones will never need us. Thanks for reading.


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